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Fire Incident Reporting 

Middletown Township Fire Department - FDID 13310 - National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) Structure 

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Information Management System / NFIRS

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The IMS/NFIRS System is back up.

1) The IP Address  has changed. The MTFD FH Web Link above has been updated.  Please update any shortcuts.

2) All of the user passwords have been reset to the default. Please login using the default password and change it. You can change it back to what you were using.

3) You must reenroll any computers and allow Active X to install.

Thanks for your patience. This update was neccesary for the server operating systems.

As always any problems, please let me know as soon as possible

John Drucker
NFIRS Program Manager

FHWeb Users - Active X must be installed and enabled on your browser for FHWeb to work.  If you are having difficulty with Active X please click on the following link for instructions and the Active X Utility

FHWeb Active X Bulletin

For assistance and or training with FH Web please contact;
John Drucker 

FHWeb Basic Powerpoint (Pending)

This online presentation provides basic overview of the FHWeb Modules and Web Access


NFIRS Web Basic - 2 Hrs - Available Upon Request

Online Enrollment Form

Not an enrolled user ?, please contact your company captain for authorization and then complete the online enrollment form.

NFIRS Bulletins

Incident Number Coding

False Alarm Coding

Common Do's and Dont's

 MTFD NFIRS Statistics      
Year Total Incidents
2013  982
2012 1274
2011  1227
2010 1441
2009 1314
2008      1490
2007 1235
2006 1425
2005 1366

MTFD NFIRS Database Statistics

Incidents                          11,952
Staff                                  803
Occupancy                      134